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Green Gables Golf Course is the product of legendary vision, twice over. First conceived and constructed by a forefather of modern golf course architecture, it has been rejuvenated by one of today’s leading golf course designers. Following a year of intensive remodeling, Green Gables’ much anticipated enhancements will be finally unveiled on August 1st. Carved out of the rolling farmlands of Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, Green Gables came to life in 1939 through the extraordinary imagination and talent of Stanley Thompson, one of the world’s most celebrated golf course architects. Thompson, a native Canadian who designed, remodeled, or constructed 145 courses throughout Canada, the US, the Caribbean, and South America, molded Green Gables ocean-side fairways from the natural terrain to create this 18 hole, par 72 course. Now, nearly seventy years later, another legend among architects has renewed the spirit of Green Gables. Thomas McBroom, whose designs have achieved innumerable awards and accolades, has blended his own unique perspective with Thompson’s original concept to ensure Green Gables meets the highest standards of golfing expectations. Building on the significant updates and modifications from the 1980s, McBroom has reinstated the old bunker designs of the course while expanding ocean views. He’s also stretched the course from 6,459 yards to 7,000 yards of unforgettable golfing satisfaction. “Thomas McBroom’s insight and remarkable sense of craftsmanship can’t be explained—it can only be experienced. He has redefined the Green Gables golfing experience with new challenges and viewscapes all the while respecting the character and history of the course.”

Set against a backdrop of sand dunes in Prince Edward Island National Park, the deceiving lay Green Gables’ greens, deep bunkers, six water holes, and ever-shifting ocean breezes makes for a challenging course in a landscape like no other. It is truly a masterpiece of two masterminds.